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Home Remedies For Cold

A common cold occurs more often than any other disease. Some of the home remedies for common cold :-

  • Boil about 5-10 gms small slices of freshly cut ginger in a glass of water for 5 minutes. Add a teaspoonful of sugar to enhance the taste. Strain the decoction through a tea strainer. Drinking this tea 4-6 times a day would ensure instant relief from common cold.
  • Take equal amounts of cardamom, ginger powder, black pepper and cinnamon (1 teaspoon each). Make a fine powder.
  • The roots of the bitter gourd plant are used in folk medicine to cure a cold. A teaspoon of the root paste, mixed with an equal quantity of honey or tulsi leaf juice, given once every night for a month, acts as an excellent medicine for colds.
  • 3-4 tsp onion juice with 3-4 tsp honey taken daily prevents cold.
  • Lemon is an important remedy for the obvious symptoms of a common cold. Dilute juice of one lemon in a glass of warm water. Add a teaspoonful of honey to it. Take this lemonade twice or thrice daily. This vitamin C rich lemonade increases body resistance, decreases toxicity and reduces the duration of illness.
  • Take Vitamin C and Zinc lozenges this can help stop the cold from going through the entire process.
  • A tablespoon of carom seeds (ajwain) crushed and tied in a muslin cloth. Inhale whenever nose is blocked.
  • Take half a teaspoon of ginger juice with half a teaspoon of honey, three times a day. In winter, warm the mixture by mixing a teaspoon of warm water in it.
  • Goldenseal is another herb that acts as a natural antibiotic, and can be taken to help your body in its battle against the cold. It helps to relieve nasal, as well as lung congestion, among other symptoms.
  • To 4 ounces (120 ml) of water, add ¼ teaspoon salt, mix the solution, boil it and let it cool. You can put 2-3 drops into each nostril.
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