The Liver

Many of the men who come to see me in my practice ask how they can maintain a healthier liver. Many have seen a doctor and have had liver tests, but no problems have shown in the pathology results. And yet they suspect that their liver is playing up due to some of the symptoms they’ve been having. Generally these symptoms are yellow whites of the eyes, fatigue, irritability, anger, insomnia, and a feeling of being hung-over or seedy.

Treatment & prevention program

  • Dietary changes are a must to take the load off the liver.
  • Eliminate fatty foods, alcohol, recreational drugs, red meat, cheese, takeaway food, smoking and fizzy drinks containing colouring and preservatives.
  • Refer to the diet for health and vitality and include the following juices daily for six weeks: two raw fruit and vegetable juices, particularly freshly squeezed orange and pineapple with a touch of ginger. Also try carrot, beetroot, celery with a touch of spinach and ginger.
  • Drink lots of filtered water throughout the day, at least one to two litres. (Do not use tap water.)
  • Drink herbal teas during the day, such as peppermint or my Triple E or Summer Delight. Dandelion root tea is also great for the liver. Limit coffee to one a day or none at all for six weeks.
  • Stop alcohol for at least six weeks.
  • Exercise three times a week.


St Mary’s thistle (Silybum marianum) is great for the liver. This herb assists regeneration of the liver cells and also has a unique ability to protect the liver against toxins. I always advise men to take this herb if they are drinking alcohol on a daily basis, or if they are taking recreational drugs. Take one tablet two to three times a day until the liver symptoms are better and you have more energy and vitality.

  • A complex vitamin B tablet once daily.
  • A broad spectrum anti-oxidant to help eliminate free radical damage.
  • Two omega 3 and 6 oil tablets a day.

A herbalist can make up the following liver tonic.

  • St Mary’s thistle 30%
  • Dandelion root 20%
  • Globe artichoke 20%
  • Bupleurum falcatum 10%
  • Liquorice 10%
  • Peppermint 10%

Take one teaspoon twice a day, or three times a day if possible, in a glass of water. I advise my clients to stay on the tonic for at least six weeks and preferably twelve weeks to see the positive results. Note: With viral hepatitis a tonic may be needed for three to six months.

If your consumption of alcohol has risen, take one teaspoon of the tonic for two to three weeks after excessive drinking. I also prescribe a liver tonic for those men who have stopped smoking and using recreational drugs, to help their body remove any remaining toxins.